We like to put a face to our names. Here are a few of the staff you might encounter.

Tim KanterTim and FamilyTim KanterPresident
Tim has worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years, including for major insurance carriers in underwriting, customer service and sales. This experience gives him a unique perspective when it comes to finding answers and products that will work best for his clients. Tim also serves as the president of the CAHU Foundation which is the education and charitable arm of the California Association of Health Underwriters – an organization that works to ensure all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable Healthcare. He is passionate about helping people find the right insurance plans, installing ceiling fans across the globe, or helping support worthwhile causes like Free Wheelchair Mission and Children’s Hunger Fund. When not helping people, Tim enjoys backpacking in national parks, throwing a dart at a map and then traveling there, and committing to too many things. A few years back, Tim achieved his childhood dream of becoming both an insurance agent and a
ninja, aka “Insurance Ninja”, when he earned his black belt in To-Shin Do (pronounced
‘toe-sheen-doe”). Tim is a Ventura County native and lives with his beautiful wife Angela,
and their two lovely daughters Megan and Emma.

Dana J. TurnerDana and FamilyDana J. TurnerManaging Partner
Dana has been in the insurance industry for over 35 years and started her agency, Dana J. Turner Insurance Services, Inc. in 1993. In 2021, she decided to merge with Get Benefits to be an even greater resource for her clients. Prior to counselling people through insurance renewals and benefit terminology as an agent, Dana was a licensed psychologist and counselled some famous patients in Beverly Hills! She loves her clients and views them as her extended family. She’s been married to her wonderful husband Cordell for 28 years and has a 23-year-old son, Ethan, and his dog, Bolt, who are not quite ready to move out, despite the occasional prodding… She is also a parent to her 4-legged Pomeranian, Boingo. Though this adorable family member is significantly older than Ethan at 105 years old (15 in human years), Boingo is never encouraged to move out. Originally from Queens, New York, Dana speaks fluent “intimidating New Yorker” and uses that language to help make
sure insurance carriers are taking good care of her clients. In her spare time, she loves
camping (in a motorhome!), fishing (she once caught and released a 150lb Marlin!) and
shooting champagne at people (long story). In addition, she loves music, going to
concerts, and raising and releasing Monarch butterflies into the wild!

Beverly StoneBeverly and FamilyBeverly StoneAgent
Beverly Stone has been in the insurance industry for more years than she would like to count. She started BJS Insurance Services in 2004 and in 2020, merged her agency with Get Benefits. Tim and Beverly have been friends for more than 16 years which shows with their similar work ethic: Help our clients with the right product for all the right reasons. Beverly learned this business from some great mentors and always strives to do a task the right way the first time as “we don’t have time to do it over!” While she does consider herself semi-retired, when asked if she would ever fully retire, she said, “I think not. At least not while Danielle Steele keeps writing books!” In her off time, Beverly enjoys her spinning classes, and in the past, she ran the San Francisco Bay to Breakers, and the Hawaii and Los Angeles marathons. For Beverly, exercise alone doesn’t cut it which is why she is sure to get a facial and massage at least once a month. Last year Beverly proudly became a grandma for the
first time, and since has mastered the art of spoiling – something she vehemently
denies ever doing to her own children…

Peter NordelPeter and BunniesPeter NordelOperations Manager
Peter loves working at Get Benefits because each day he gets to experience something new. He was born in Maryland and raised in Southern California. While SoCal may be known for tans, Peter proudly displays his red hair and his pale legs while playing volleyball; something he not only enjoys, but is actually rather good at. Peter loves to learn, which explains why he always has an answer to all the questions nobody is asking. Ideally, he would like to speak intelligently on any subject, including chemistry for some reason… Peter is an Eagle Scout, and thus has developed a great appreciation for all flavors of popcorn. Oh, and he can also start a fire by simply snapping a stick in half. He loves nature and tries to get out and enjoy it as much as he can. In his free time, besides volleyball, he enjoys cooking (he makes a mean prime rib), working out, and playing video and board games. Really he’s just all over the place. In fact, you can test this; just say “Hey Peter, do you want to…” Before you finish his answer will be yes.

Debbie DreeseDebbie and FamilyDebbie DreeseAccount Manager
Debbie has been with Get Benefits longer than any other employee and is pleased to provide excellent customer service to our clients. Her joy comes from knowing that most of her four “adult” children have finally flown the coop. Her best friend is her dog Romeo, which is evident in the way the two of them hatched a plan to somehow convince Tim, not a dog lover, to allow Romeo to be the office mascot. In fact, all 10 pounds of Romeo is likely the first Get Benefits team member you’ll encounter if you stop by our office. Debbie is a second-generation Californian, and it shows in her interests – camping, helping animals, reading, sewing and wearing t-shirts with animals on them. She loves helping others and unlike most humans, she also loves driving to LAX. And if that wasn’t enough, she pet-sits everything from large dogs to small snakes. She is the official animal lover at Get Benefits.

Patti KoyshmanPatti and EmmaPatti KoyshmanAccount Manager
With more than 25 years of insurance industry experience, it would appear that Patti was working in the insurance industry since grade school. Her background is diverse, from underwriting group and individual health insurance to being a regional account manager for annuities with a large life insurance company. Patti’s passion is people, and not in a creepy way. She enjoys customer service and working with clients to assist them in meeting their insurance needs. Patti has been with her partner Glenn for over 12 years, and they live in Granada Hills with her two teenagers Adam and Rebecca. The family is an animal house, including the Great Dane Emma, the St. Bernard/Pitty Sadie and four cats affectionately referred to as Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, and Other Cat. In her free time, Patti enjoys genealogy research and pondering if DNA shapes us, or if we shape DNA. She also practices the art of Mirrorology, which is when a person looks on Craigslist for people selling mirrors to see
if they accidentally photographed themselves. If you too want to become a Mirrorologist,
be careful, sometimes it’s NSFW.

Kelli RamirezKelli and her pupKelli RamirezAccount Manager
Kelli has been in the insurance world for over 20 years. Her interest began in her first insurance job working at a general agency where she learned many of the ins and outs of insurance. She enjoys this because it gives her an opportunity to help people understand this confusing and ever-changing industry, all while not even putting on her phone headset! She loves animals and loves hanging out and playing with her pitbull that she adopted from the Camarillo Animal Shelter. #whosavedwho Kelli has been vegan for over 10 years, but makes up for this by buying chips and salsa for the office. She likes to hang out with friends for Taco Tuesday, eating tacos Tuesday through Monday, going to the movies, crafting, hiking, bike riding, roller skating, eating tacos on Wednesdays through Tuesday, researching about nutrition and the benefits of eating healthy, and eating tacos. Mostly though, Kelli just loves to relax and eat tacos.

Amanda RichittAmanda and FamilyAmanda RichittService Specialist
Amanda was born in southern California, but raised in Dallas, Texas. While driving for hours and hours and getting nowhere, talking with a cool accent, and wearing cowboy hats has a certain appeal, she missed the mountains so much that she moved back to Ventura County where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business from CSUCI. Amanda’s main goal in life is to be of service to those in need and make a difference in her community. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her 2 pets, Noodles and Blaze. Amanda also enjoys travelling and spent a semester abroad in London trying to learn French. Or maybe it was France trying to learn English? Amanda loves to stay active by going to the gym or going on hikes with friends. When she has some free time, she enjoys learning how to ride a motorcycle and passing a test when her boyfriend didn’t.

Megan KanterMegan and FamilyMegan KanterOffice Assistant
Megan is almost a junior at Trinity Pacific Christian School and is on the schools award-winning Mock Trial team. She loves the arts and spends much of her free time reading and writing. A few of her favorite books include The Outsiders, Catcher in the Rye, and The Fault in Our Stars. She wants to publish several of the writings she is working on, whenever she finally finishes perfecting the ultimate cliff hanger where… She hopes to attend Biola University and major in business marketing. She’d also like to start a business, do some acting, develop a clothing line, and who knows what else. Long story, short: when she grows up, Megan wants to be a little bit of everything. While her last name makes it appear that nepotism is alive and well at Get Benefits, rest assured that she’s a part of the team because she answers the phone like no one’s business. In fact, she once won the “Transferring Calls State Championship.”

Shane CanterShane, Jenn and EastonShane CanterSales Manager
As a child growing up, Shane did not always know what he wanted to do, but he was sure he wanted to work with people due to his outgoing personality. Seeing that his grandfather and mom both were in the insurance industry, it was fate that he would follow a similar path. Shane began his insurance career right here at Get Benefits back in 2010 as a telemarketer. After 3 years on the phones, he ran away to expand his insurance knowledge and develop an appreciation for driving in traffic on the 405 freeway. When the former worked but not the latter, Shane returned to Get Benefits and since has become a master of all things insurance; and shooting Nerf guns. When he is not putting in long, long hours at the office, he can be found playing slow pitch softball, building his repertoire of bathroom humor, hiking or mountain biking with friends and family, eliminating most any opportunity for free-time by adding something new to his calendar, and relaxing with his wife Jenn, son
Easton, and dog Duke. Shane loves being creative which is clear at his home where
he is always building, improving, or fixing what he breaks.

Martin CisnerosMartin and his horseMartin CisnerosAgent
Martin was born and raised in Southern California, and while he had dreams as a young child to be a vaquero, he has settled for owning a horse named Pepe that he doesn’t ride. As a young man, he moved to Oxnard for the sand, surf, and smell of manure, and lives with his family there to this day. He has two daughters, Ashley and Lexie. He is a proud dad and was super excited to share that Lexie got an internship at a church in Oregon – though it’s unclear if he’s excited that she got the internship or excited because she moved out. He also lives with his two dogs, Sophie and Phoebe and based on the amount of times he drives up north to see his parents, he kind of lives with them too. Martin loves going to the gym, taking his dogs for walks, exhaling loudly, watching the Dodgers, Kings, UFC and Packers play, and helping customers with their insurance needs.

Cole BoydCole and girlfriend AmandaCole BoydAdministrative Specialist
Cole was born and raised in Simi Valley, California, and despite the wind, stifling summer heat, and the neighborhood landfill, he has become quite attached to the area and the people who live there. While achieving his Eagle Scout award, he developed a deep interest in helping those around him and a love for the outdoors. Due in part to his training in the Scouts, he has become quite proficient in helping little old ladies cross the street. In his spare time, Cole likes to rock out on his trombone to jazz and classical music. He also loves to learn about all things technical, which may explain why he randomly disassembles his office computer. He loves to spend his free time on backpacking trips with his friends, and volunteering to teach kids at his old Boy Scout troop how to make a shelter with a single palm frond and a stick. Cole hopes that, in the future, he can use his volunteer and leadership experience to make a real positive difference in the world.