We like to put a face to our names. Here are a few of the staff you might encounter.
Tim KanterTim and FamilyTim KanterPresident
Tim has worked in the insurance industry for almost 25 years, including for major insurance carriers in underwriting, customer service and sales. This experience gives him a unique perspective when it comes to finding answers and products that will work best for his clients. Tim also serves as the president of his local chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters — an organization that works to ensure all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable Healthcare. Tim achieved his childhood dream to be an insurance ninja when he earned a black belt in To-Shin Do. He is passionate about helping people find the right insurance plans, or installing ceiling fans across the globe. When not helping people, Tim enjoys backpacking in national parks, throwing a dart at a map and then traveling there, and talking during movies. Tim is a Ventura County native and lives with his beautiful wife Angela, and their two adorable daughters Megan and Emma.
Beverly StoneBeverly and FamilyBeverly StoneAgent
Beverly Stone, agency owner of BJS Insurance Services since 2004 has just merged her company with Get Benefits. Tim and Beverly have been friends for more than 16 years. Tim and Beverly have a similar work ethic: Help all of our clients with the right product for all the right reasons. Beverly learned this business from some of the great agents and always strives to do a task the right way the first time around as we do not have the time to redo.
“Will I ever fully retire, I think not,” she said. In her off time, Beverly enjoys her daily spinning class at the gym (She’s always been and exercise gal, having run the San Francisco Bay to Breakers, and the Hawaii and Los Angeles marathons), and having a facial and massage once a month is a treat. Beverly’s first grandbaby, a little girl, is due in early 2020, and she is excited about this next chapter in her life.
Jeremy ZellerJeremy and his old west familyJeremy ZellerMarketing & Operations Director
Jeremy began his career in newspapers (an ancient technology where they would essentially print out the internet and deliver it to your house) and recently made the jump over to the insurance business. In his free time, Jeremy is the Executive Technical Director at the Conejo Players Theatre, where he also directs the improv troupe. He is also one of the owners of an escape room in Moorpark, Calif., and enjoys creating and solving puzzles. When he’s not doing all of that, you’ll find him either eating or sleeping. Jeremy appreciates the love and support he gets from his family – Quang and Kathy – as well as his dogs Cooper and Blue.
Shane CanterShane and JennShane CanterAgent
As a child growing up, Shane did not always know what he wanted to do, but he was sure he wanted to work with people due to his outgoing personality. Seeing that his grandfather and mom both were in the insurance industry, it was fate that he would follow a similar path. Shane began his insurance career right here at Get Benefits back in 2010 as a telemarketer. After 3 years on the phones, he flew the coop to learn the customer service side of the business and become a more well-rounded agent. Recently he has come back to join the Get Benefits team as an agent. When he is not putting in long, long hours at the office, he can be found playing slow pitch softball, hiking or mountain biking with friends and family, or relaxing with his wife Jenn and dog Duke.
Peter NordelPeter and KallePeter NordelAgent
Peter is excited to start his insurance career with Get Benefits. He was born in Maryland, raised in Southern California, and resides in Simi Valley with his ridiculous(ly) wonderful girlfriend Kalle. He is trying to learn as much as he can about as many different topics in his time here. Ideally, he would like to speak intelligently on any subject. Peter is an Eagle Scout, and thus has been forced into appreciating nature (read as: he loves nature). He plays volleyball in his free time, as well as cooks, works out, and plays video and board games. Really he’s just all over the place.
Debbie DreeseDebbie and FamilyDebbie DreeseAccount Manager
Debbie has been with Get Benefits for more than seven years and is pleased to provide excellent customer service to clients. Her joy comes from& raising her four “adult” children, Adam, Rachel, Jenni and Sarah, as well as her dog Romeo. She is a second generation Californian, and it shows in her interests – camping, helping animals, reading, sewing and watching Netflix (as long as her kids don’t interrupt her). She takes pride in helping others find the best insurance that fits their needs, and when she’s not working she helps out in the nursery at her church and pet-sits for people. “Did I mention I like animals?”
Kelli RamirezKelli and her pupKelli RamirezAccount Manager
Kelli has been in the insurance field for 19 years; working at a general agency is where her interest in the insurance industry began. She obtained her life and health license, and left after 8 years to venture out and sell insurance with the desire to help people understand the ever-changing world of health insurance. She loves animals and loves hanging out and playing with her Pit bull that she adopted from the Camarillo Shelter 4 years ago. #whosavedwho Kelli has been vegan for 10 years, (not the annoying kind) and also enjoys hanging out with friends for Taco Tuesday (or eating tacos any day of the week) going to the movies, crafting, hiking, bike riding, eating tacos, she loves to cook and research about nutrition and the benefits of eating healthy.
Patti KoyshmanPatti and EmmaPatti KoyshmanAccount Manager
Patti has more than 25 years of insurance industry experience. Her background is diverse, from underwriting group and individual health insurance to being a regional account manager for annuities with a large life insurance company. Patti’s passion is people, and not in a creepy way. She enjoys the customer service aspect and working with clients to assist them in meeting their insurance needs. Patti has been with her partner Glenn for 12 years, and they live in Granada Hills with Patti’s two teenagers Adam and Rebecca. The family is an animal house, including the Great Dane Emma, The St. Bernard/Pitty Sadie and four cats. In her free time, Patti enjoys genealogy research and pondering if DNA shapes us, or if we shape DNA.