ANYA – Group Renewals


3 months prior to renewal date.


CSA will send to account manager. If house account, CSA will send to Tim, Tim will review and distribute.


  1. A task will be assigned to you.
    • Make all relevant notes in this task about all contact attempts, discussions, customer requests and any other relevant details.
  2. First contact to the client is a phone call
    • This must occur no earlier than 12 weeks prior to renewal, and no later than 8 weeks prior to renewal.
      • If no response, follow up biweekly, using both email and phone calls.
    • If you’ve been unsuccessful in making contact by 4 weeks prior to the renewal date, please let Tim know.
    • Update your task notes.
  3. When you make contact, verify census is correct, review renewal and ask how to proceed.
    • Update your task notes
  4. Based on customer’s request, either process renewal as is, revise census and/or run a quote.
    • Use Warner Pacific to run group health quotes, and to write group health business.
    • Separate lines of insurance must be run as separate quotes.
    • Update your task notes, and upload quotes into the task.
  5. Process the renewal.
    • Update your task notes.
  6. Assign to CSA to complete an update form once renewal is complete.
    • Confirm notes are correct in the task and assign out as necessary.
ANYA Group Renewals