ANYA – Individual Medical Delinquent


Last business day of the month.


CSA will confirm delinquent status and make initial contact. If unresolved, will confirm and assign to AM.


  1. CSA will check carriers for delinquents.
    • This will happen on the last business day of the month.
  2. CSA will email a soft reminder to any clients that have not yet paid for the premium period.
    • Create a task to follow up in one week.
  3. One week later, CSA will confirm no outstanding payments remain.
    • If all payments have been made, close task.
    • If any delinquents remain, create a task and assign to AM.
  4. AM will reach out to any delinquents.
    • Start with a phone call and an email.
    • Make all relevant notes in the task.
  5. AM will continue to follow up with increasing urgency
    • Follow up with calls and emails until the premium is paid or the policy cancels.
    • Update task.
ANYA Individual Medical Delinquent