ANYA – Personal Lines Renewals


2 months prior to renewal date.


CSA will send task to AM. If house account, CSA will send to Tim, Tim will review and distribute. CSA will also assign task to self to retrieve renewal documents when available.


  1. A task will be assigned to you.
    • Make all relevant notes in this task about all contact attempts, discussions, customer requests and any other relevant details.
  2. First contact to the client is a phone call
    • This must occur no later than 6 weeks prior to renewal.
      • If no response, follow up biweekly, using both email and phone calls.
    • If you’ve been unsuccessful in making contact by 1 week prior to the renewal date, please let Tim know.
    • Update your task notes.
  3. When you make contact, verify insurance information hasn’t changed and ask how to proceed.
    • Renewal will likely not be available yet, so inform client you will contact them when it is available.
    • Update your task notes
  4. Based on customer’s request, either wait for renewal to come out, run a quote or assign to sales agent.
    • Use EZLynx or P&C carriers to run commercial quotes.
    • Update your task notes, and upload quotes into the task.
  5. Review renewal when released
    • Contact client with updates
  6. Process the renewal.
    • Update your task notes.
  7. Assign to CSA to Complete an update form once renewal is complete.
    • Confirm notes are correct in the task and assign out as necessary.
ANYA PL Renewals