I, the undersigned, understand Conejo Players Theatre, Inc. is a California non-profit corporation with volunteer participants or members. These volunteers, myself included, provide all of the work to make the Conejo Players Theatre stage productions possible. I also understand that the Conejo Players Theatre cannot pay for injuries to its members and participants or provide insurance for such injuries. I therefore agree that as a participant or member of the Conejo Players Theatre group, I will look to my own resources to pay for any injuries I may suffer while engaged in activities of the Conejo Players Theatre. In order to participate in the activities of the Conejo Players Theatre, I hereby agree to hold Conejo Players Theatre, Inc., its officers, directors, servants, and employees free and harmless of any liability or claim for injury I may suffer while engaged in the activities of the Conejo Players Theatre, whether at the Theatre’s location or elsewhere. I hereby release and forever discharge Conejo Players Theatre, Inc., its officers, directors, servants, and employees, from any and all claims I may have, or feel I may have, for any injury I may suffer while engaged in the activities of the Conejo Players Theatre.


Conejo Players Theatre welcomes all family members to participate in set strikes. In the interest of safety, Conejo Players Theatre asks all participants to follow these rules:

1. Participants, ages 16 and above, may participate in the actual de-construction of the set; which includes but is not limited to working on the stage floor, the orchestra pit, and in the shop area.

2. Participants under 16 may work in specifically assigned areas designated by the head of set strike; which includes but is not limited to the costume and prop lofts, the dressing rooms, the lobby, the house, the backstage areas, and the green room area. NO ONE under 16 is allowed on the stage floor, in the orchestra pit, or in the shop area during a set strike.

3. Participants ages 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent and that parent is responsible for their child’s safety and conduct during set strike.

4. All participants must wear proper work clothes and closed-toed shoes during set strike.

Note: ONLY participants 18 years of age or over may use power tools (excludes cordless drills/screw guns). If there is any question or concern that a participant is 18, said participant may be asked to provide proof of age. Conejo Players Theatre wants to emphasize once again that participants of all ages are welcome at set strike and we encourage families to participate. Thank you for your attention and cooperation with the rules stated above.


This Authorization and Release is given in partial consideration of Actor being cast in the production designated above and as a condition thereof. Actor understands and agrees that photos will be taken of Actor and/or other performers in this production and that these photographs will be used to advertise the current production. Actor also understands that the Conejo Players Theatre may use these photographs to promote future productions at Conejo Players Theatre and/or to promote the name and reputation of Conejo Players Theatre without limit as to time, place, extent, or nature of the advertising media. To this extent, Actor releases and authorizes Conejo Players Theatre to use his or her likeness and photographs or any other depiction of Actor made or taken by or on behalf of Conejo Players Theatre in any manner Conejo Players Theatre deems appropriate without further permission, consent, or authorization of Actor.

Conejo Players Theatre Code of Conduct and Participation Responsibilities Agreement

The Conejo Players Theatre exists to share in providing the community with a year-round schedule of affordable live theatre produced to serve the cultural, educational, and entertainment needs of the community, and to welcome and provide an avocational opportunity for all volunteers interested in the theatre arts to participate in the many activities of community theatre. In order to achieve this goal, we expect volunteers to commit to working with the organization and following the Code of Conduct and Participant Responsibilities set forth below.

Code of Conduct and Participant Responsibilities

As a Conejo Players Theatre Volunteer, I, the undersigned, agree to the following:

1. Rehearsals are key to a successful show. The posted start time is when the rehearsal begins. I will be ready to begin at the posted time and if I need additional time to prepare or warm up, I will arrive early.

2. If I expect to be late or miss a rehearsal, I will contact the production team. If I am running late for a performance, I will contact the Stage Manager ASAP.

3. I will attend every rehearsal I am called for, understanding that pre-arranged conflicts that have been noted and accepted by the production team are approved. Additional conflicts may be allowed, but only with express permission from the director and producer. Major conflicts with the rehearsal schedule may result in my removal from the production. Missing a rehearsal without advance notice is unacceptable.

4. I will help keep all areas of the theatre clean and pick up after myself.

5. I will come to rehearsals prepared with my script, other show materials, and a pencil for taking notes. If I am using a rented script, I will only write in pencil and erase all notes at the end of the production.

6. I will dress appropriately for rehearsals, including wearing proper dance attire and shoes when needed. I will always wear closed-toed shoes when on stage unless the production team designates otherwise.

7. I will attend all performances unless I have received prior permission from the producer and director.

8. I will respect our facility. If I notice any issues, I will contact the producer of the production.

9. I will not bring food or drink (except water with a closeable top) into the house.

10. I will conduct myself in a professional manner with respect for all other participants. I understand that the Conejo Players Theatre consists of a diverse group of volunteers and that it does not tolerate disrespect. I will behave respectfully at all times, using appropriate language and acting in a suitable manner when I am in the theatre.

11. The use of alcohol prior to, or during a performance or rehearsal, or the use of illegal drugs at any time is strictly prohibited. If a participant is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this will constitute cause for immediate dismissal from the production.

12. Costumes and props provided to participants are the property of the Conejo Players Theatre and must be returned at the end of the production.

13. Actors are expected to provide their own basic stage makeup. Specialty makeup will be provided by the production.

14. No visitors are allowed backstage or on the stage without prior approval from the producer.

15. I will adhere to the script, music, dancing, costumes, and staging as set by the production staff at the final dress rehearsal.

16. I will act in a safe manner at all times, refraining from handling or disturbing any set piece, prop, costume, or piece of equipment that I have not been authorized to use.

17. Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result in participant’s removal from the production.

I have read the Code of Conduct and Participation Responsibilities and understand the obligations required of me. I agree to abide by them during rehearsals and performances.

Hold Harmless
Only if participant is under 18.